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Hex Lighting Ltd. for Garden & Landscape LightingCreate natural garden lighting effects - Hex Lighting, Wicklow, IrelandShadow Lighting created with outdoor lighting from Hex Lighting, Wicklow, IrelandSpread Lighting - garden lighting effects from Hex Lighting, Wicklow, IrelandStep Lighting: illuminate steps and stairs with external lighting from Hex Lighting, Wicklow, IrelandUplighting creates dramatic focal effects - tree lighting from Hex Lighting, Wicklow, Ireland

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Garden Lighting Specialists, Hex Lighting

Hex Lighting Ltd, garden lighting specialists, distributes and supplies Hunza Outdoor Lighting products to the Irish market. This garden, landscape and outdoor lighting brand has a well established name for reliability, flexibility and durability.

Hex Lighting Limited's managing director, Gary Hale, is an electrician by profession and he brings his many years experience of lighting, especially garden, outdoor and landscape lighting to advise you on planning your garden or landscape lighting project.

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Distribution to the trade in Ireland. Garden Lighting & Landscape Lighting Design and Installation

Hex Lighting Ltd., Garden Lighting Specialists, Highbury, Slemaine, Roundwood, County Wicklow, Ireland
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