Outdoor and Landscape Lighting Information

Outdoor or landscape lighting adds another dimension to the enjoyment of outdoor living.

It enhances gardens, decks, buildings, trees and homes. Outdoor lighting adds character to the environment you live in, and entices you outside to take in the evening.

Low voltage 12 volt lighting is an ideal and safe way to illuminate your surroundings.

Halogen lamps give a white crisp light with good colour rendition and excellent lamp life up to 5000 hours.

If you are about to build a new home consider your lighting at the beginning of the project and not at the end where invariably you will have to make compromises and be disappointed with the result. With a little planning you will be able to enjoy all the wonderful lighting effects that are possible to create with the luminaires in this brochure.

We offer six choices of lamp wattages (MR16) and a range of beam angles. This allows a greater range of effects to be produced by the luminaire. In most circumstances, 20-watt lamps generate the desired effect in the garden or building highlighting, etc. A luminaire that uses a 20-watt lamp has three major advantages:

  1. It will operate at a lower and safer temperature, and will not burn you.
  2. The luminaire will use 60% less energy and therefore cost less to operate.
  3. The luminaire will require less maintenance and lamp holders will last much longer.


Five Year Warranty

All aluminium luminaires with an ultraviolet (UV) stable powder coat finish have a five-year warranty. This excludes lamps and lamp holder which are consumable items.

Ten Year Warranty

All copper, stainless steel luminaires have a ten year warranty. This excludes lamps and lamp holders which are regarded as consumable items.

Lifetime Warranty

All glass lenses supplied with Hunza luminaires have a lifetime replacement guarantee on lens breakage.

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