RETRO Wall Transformer

With a built-in electronic transformer, these fittings are designed for installations where mounting the transformer is a problem, e.g. a brick wall where there is only the cable protruding out of the wall and it is not an option to recess the transformer or where you wish to replace an existing light fitting.

RETRO luminaires are a very economical way to overcome potentially expensive installation problems.

The electronic transformers are fully approved and are built into the base, which increases in size to 78mm diameter and 48mm deep.

The electronic transformer is 240/250 volt a.c. and is encapsulated in silicon, it is rated IP66 against water ingress.

It has a built-in safety shutdown system if it is overloaded and is dimmable with a leading edge dimmer.
It will power either a 1 x 20 watt lamp, 2 x 20 watt lamps or a 1 x 50 watt lamp.

As the photograph displays, the larger base does not affect the look of the fittings in any way.