RETRO Pole Transformer

The RETRO mains voltage version is available for the 700mm Bollard, Border Lite, Euro Single and Twin Pole Lites, Single and Twin Pole Lites, Twig Lite, Tier Lite and Walkway Lite.

This option is designed for exterior lighting installations where mounting the transformer is a problem and avoids the need to bury a transformer, e.g. where there is a long cable run required and a 240 volt power cable needs to be installed.

A situation such as a car park where a ring main has been installed would be ideal for this luminaire.

The electronic transformer is a double insulated safety isolating transformer and complies to EMC regulations and has a built-in safety shutdown system if it is overloaded.

It will power either 1 x 10 watt, 1 x 20 watt, 2 x 20 watt, 1 x 35 watt or 1 x 50 watt lamps.

Approval VO4156 CE