LuxR Modux One

The LuxR Modux light fittings are ideal for outdoor, garden and landscape lighting applications. The Modux One is a range of very compact, contemporary LED luminaires powered by a 1 watt LuxR light engine. The modular design was developed to meet the challenge of delivering high quality practical accent lighting with maximum energy efficiency and a long, maintenance-free life.

The Round and Square recessed light fittings are designed for ground or floor mounting: as low profile uplighters, or for mounting in walls or steps to illuminate paths and stairways. They can be installed either outdoors or indoors and offer the option of either a round or square flange.

The Pond, Spot and Spike light fittings are miniature spotlights with a swivel bracket that provides 45-degree elevation adjustment. The Pond light fixture has a weighty base, ideal for underwater installation. The Spot light fitting can be mounted to any hard surface and the Spike is designed for insertion in the ground.

LED Light Colours

Technical Specifications

LuxR Modux One Technical Specifications