Hunza Step Lite Louvre

The Step Lite Louvre has a 88mm diameter flange with a thickness of only 3mm giving this Hunza Steplighting product a ‘flush to the surface’ look with no protrusions. The Louvre design shades the face of the lamp, so the Step Lite Louvre is an ideal product for installing into a step-face.
Step lighting is an important part of any exterior lighting project for both safety and aesthetic purposes.

The body is machined from 9mm and the flange, a 88mm x 88mm square solid copper or 316 stainless steel, it has a tempered glass lens with high temperature silicon gaskets and is supplied with a maximum 20 watt lamp.

The standard low voltage are suitable for use with an MR16 – 20 watt lamp (max) and is supplied with a high quality European 5000 hour lamp. Alternatively a 5 watt self ballasted 240 volt fluorescent option is available which offers excellent light output, low energy usage, long lamp life and very low heat generation this changes the luminaire to an IP66 rating.

Lifetime Warranty on Lens Breakage