Hunza High Power Tree Mount

The Tree Mount High Power LED outdoor light fitting has been designed so it can be mounted on a tree to create moon lighting effects. A cable connection can be made at the rear of the dome.

This luminaire consists of a mounting dome and three 316 stainless steel bolts. The bolts initially fix the dome 40mm (1.5?) out from the trees surface, which allows the tree to grow without causing any harm.

This luminaire is machined from solid aluminium with an ultraviolet (UV) stable powder coated finish. It features an extra clear, tempered, flush glass lens and high temperature silicon gaskets.

Available in 3000K, 4000K, and 5000K colour temperatures.



Cable Joint Kit (Cat. CJK150), Frosted Lens (Cat. STEPF).


AS/NZS 61046, UL 1598, 800LM

Technical Specifications

Hunza HP Tree Mount Technical Specifications