Hex Cell Louvre Kit

The Hex Cell Louvre – for exterior lighting without the glare!

The Hex Cell Louvre Adaptor’s main purpose is to protect the eye from the direct glare or sparkle effect from the lamp filament without dramatically changing the look of the luminaire.

It also can serve as a second lens receptacle for colour lenses, (supplied standard with a clear lens).

When a Hex Cell Louvre Adaptor is fitted it does not affect the IP (water protection) rating of the luminaire.

Available in UV stable powder coated finish (standard colours bronze, green, matt black, silver and white) or solid copper or 316 stainless steel.

This Hunza garden lighting accessory is suitable for use with: Floor Lite and Floor Lite Square, Clover, Cross, Grill, Spot, Pillar & Pillar Retro, Pond, Pool, NPS Spot, Spike Spot & Spike Adjustable, Single Pole and Single Pole Retro, Step and Step Lite Square, Step Eyelid and Step Lite Eyelid Square, Solid Eyelid and Solid Eyelid Square, Twin Bar, Twin Pole and Twin Pole Retro, Twin Wall Spot and Twin Wall Spot Retro, Wall Down Lite & Wall Down Lite Retro, Wall Spot & Wall Spot Retro

Accessories: Frost lens (Cat. DFL)

Technical Specification

Hex Cell Kit Technical Specifications