Hunza Floor Lite Square

The Floor Lite Square range has an 88mm diameter flange with a thickness of only 7mm giving these Floor-lighting products a ‘sleek and stylish’ look. Having no protruding parts, it is ideal for uplighting a wall mounted feature or path lighting in a hotel or building foyer for example.

These luminaires can be walked over without fear of damage. Although extremely robust, these luminaires are not designed to be driven over.

There are five flange designs available in a smooth machined finish 316 stainless steel:

  • A) Clover #CL
  • B) Grill #GR
  • C) Louvre #LU (45 degree angle)
  • D) Spot #SP
  • E) Cross #CR

Copper Floor Lite available in Spot (D) version only.

The luminaire is held into the aluminium mounting canister by two ‘O’ rings that allows the luminaire to be removed for lamp replacement, hence there are no mounting screws in the flange to spoil the aesthetics of the luminaire. This luminaire comes complete with an aluminium mounting canister.

This low voltage fitting is suitable for use and supplied with a MR16 – 20 watt (max) high quality European 5000 hour lamp. A 5 watt self ballasted 240 volt fluorescent option is available which offers excellent light output, low energy usage, long lamp life and very low heat generation this changes the luminaire to an IP56 rating.

Lifetime Warranty on Lens Breakage