Anti Syphon

The Anti-Syphon moisture barrier cable protection system prevents any moisture forming on the lens or gathering in the body of the luminaire. Cable connections are made easily with gel filled wire nuts.

Applicable to the following Hunza exterior lighting products: Bollard 300, Driveway Lite, Euro Spot, Euro Step and Step Lite Solid Eyelid, Euro Single and Twin Pole Lites, Fern Lite, Floor Lite Round and Square, Square on Square, Dark Lighter, Lawn and Lawn Lite Deck Mount, Inground 1-11and Inground 1-11GM, Inground Transformers, Pond and Pond Weighted, Step Lite Round and Square, Step Lite Eyelid, Step Lite Low Lux, Step Solid Eyelid Round and Square, Step Lite Louver Round and Square, Spike Spot, Spike Spot Adjustable, Twig Lite, Twin Bar Lite, Single and Twin Pole Lites, Tier Lite, Walkway Lite.